Portrait by Spencer Ruiz

Portrait by Spencer Ruiz

Andrew E

BS Accounting ('15)

Early in my third year at BYU I told my family and close friends that I was gay. I joined USGA where I met other gay BYU students. I was later selected to be the secretary of the group. Coming out brought visibility, and several of my friends told me that they were also gay.

My newfound self-acceptance and the support of my friends and family inspired me to change tracks from a five-year program to a four-year program so I could leave conservative Provo for the gayest city I knew as soon as possible!

That summer I worked as a summer intern at Ernst & Young in New York, and as soon as I graduated I moved to the big city for good. I worked in assurance at Ernst & Young for 3 years, and now I work in the technical accounting group at Spotify. In New York I am immersed in gay culture, art, Broadway lights, and all the things I craved in Utah.

My advice to other gay BYU students craving the fabulous life? Get out as soon as you can. Find opportunities at the Y to leave Utah or to land your dream job. Buckle down and graduate quickly or transfer, because there is a whole big gay world out there waiting for you.

Posted April 2018