BA Communications - Advertising ('17)

Describe your BYU experience

When I came to BYU, I knew I wasn't straight. But I didn't want that to change anything about my life as a Mormon girl from Utah. I had always been told there was only one lifestyle that could ever bring real and lasting happiness. So I spent a long time living the stereotypical BYU life. It never felt right to me, which made me feel guilty. I could never fully relax because I always had something I had to hide. It took a long time to realize that living this way was not my only option.

It wasn't until I had been home from my mission for about a year that I allowed myself to ask what else was out there. I realized that I needed to stop thinking about what I "should" do and more about what was going to help me live a happy and productive life. My last semester of school was when I finally started coming out to my friends and family and feeling good about who I am.

I made great friends at BYU and learned a lot. But I also think of all the opportunities that I did not take because of how hard I was trying to hide.

Describe your post-BYU experience:

Graduation removed a lot of pressure. Instead of living by the Honor Code, I can live by standards and expectations that I set for myself and who I want to become.

Advice to current students?

Believe that your feelings are valid and know that you have options. There is not just one way to be a good person and live a happy life.

Posted May 2018